About Dr. Lollini

Dr. Linda Lollini, DDS

Dr.  Lollini grew up in the Midwest states of Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin.  She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1991. 

Early in her career, Dr. Lollini practiced in a variety of dental settings including the Indian Health Service.  In 2001, she became the Dental Director for a very large benefit plan and dental facility for the Teamsters Union in southeast Wisconsin.  After a move to California, she became the Dental Director and dentist for Napa County’s Ole Health.  Dr. Lollini also associated with several talented dentists.  She is grateful to be able to use all of her past experiences to create a practice and a setting that is focused on excellent care of a patient’s needs and well-being first and foremost.

In 2014, once knowing that Livermore was her place to stay, Dr. Lollini was able to assume her present practice from a much respected dentist in Livermore. 

Dr. Lollini loves to spend all of her spare time with her kids, Olivia and Gabriel.  They enjoy the outdoors, travel and are always up to learn or experience something new.  She also loves to get away to visit her family in Canada whenever possible.

Dr. Lollini with children

Dr. Lollini with son

Dr. Lollini with daughter

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